Dr. Pimple Popper Made A Board Game For Pimple Popping—And It’s As Gross As It Sounds

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The obsession with popping pimples has officially gone too far. Dermatologist Sandra Lee, better known as Dr. Pimple Popper, has teamed up with the Spin Master game company to create an Operation-style board game. And yes, it involves popping pimples.

Pimple Pete is the game’s acne-prone character who has gummy “pimples” all over his face. Players must spin a wheel to determine which area of Pete’s face they’ll try to extract the gooey pimple from, and as they do, they’ll have to try to remove it extra carefully. If they tilt Pete’s head too much — the “mega zit” on Pete’s face will squirt pus (water) out at the player. And nobody wants that.

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Perhaps playing this game while you’re young will help to de-stigmatize acne and show kids that while having acne is frustrating, it’s extremely common. However, it could also be promoting habits for popping pimples at home that aren’t necessarily recommended — and making it seem “fun” at that.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the only pimple-popping pastime available for purchase. Teen Vogue pointed out that a rubbery product called Pop It Pal, which seems to be geared more towards adults, and promotes (fake) pimple extraction as a sort of stress-relieving activity.

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Pop It Pal is similar to a stress ball, but for people who’d rather be picking pimples. At least with this toy, you won’t be doing this to your actual face. (We hope.)

Pop It Pal

There’s also Zits (Ewww!) Pop ‘n Play. This one is again geared towards children and involves putting stickers (fake zits) on your face. Considering each and every zit you pop gushes white goo, this game seems downright disgusting.

This commercial from the game company’s YouTube channel tells you everything you need to know (but wish you didn’t) about this game:

Pimple Pete — that is, Dr. Pimple Popper’s version of pimple-popping fun — is not available until the fall and will retail for $20, according to PopSugar. (It appears to already have been available in the U.K., but is out of stock.)

So, what are your thoughts on Pimple Pete?  Will you be keeping him on rotation for family game night? Me, I’ll pass on the pimple-popping, thanks!