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There’s A Purse That Secretly Holds A Full Bottle Of Wine

Dreams do come true.

Just when you think humanity has hit its glass ceiling with the invention of the all-edges brownie pan, a new invention comes out and it’s abundantly clear why we haven’t already all been wiped off the earth. There’s a purse that secretly holds an entire bottle of wine. Women and purse enthusiasts everywhere (male or female, for the sake of equality), you are welcome.

This  “Wine Dispensing Travel Tote” is the answer to almost everything. Stuck at a four-hour Little League game? Wine Dispensing Travel Tote. Choir recital featuring the music of Enya? Wine Dispensing Travel Tote. Extended trip with the in-laws? Wine. Dispensing. Travel. Tote.

Uncommon Goods

The print might not be everyone’s first choice, but since it holds an entire five liters of wine (or whatever alcohol you choose to put in there), we’ll forgive this particular sartorial sin. You can either plug in a boxed wine bag or use the included dispensing bag if Franzia isn’t your drink of choice. It also includes a cold pack, because no one likes warm Chardonnay.

The dispensing bag is hand-wash only and the inside pocket where it’s stored can be wiped clean with a damp cloth. While there aren’t many details about what the actual purse is like, it’s relatively roomy and appears to have several pockets.

Although the price is a bit steep, at $129.95, the bag has all five-star reviews on the Uncommon Goods website. One reviewer even says, “maybe I should get two more, just in case!” I think we’re all in agreement when we say: do it.

Due to the popularity of this bag, we scoured the internet and found a few other purses that hold wine too:

Insulated Conceal Wine Tote w/ Disposable Wine Baggie (Comes in 7 awesome colors), $49.00

Insulated Wine Tote Bag with Key chain Bottle Opener by Blush (Rose Gold), $49.88

Kenley Wine Purse Tote Bag with Hidden Dispenser, $49.79

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