Drew Brees built an inclusive playground for children with special needs

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Football season may still be going strong, but that doesn’t mean Saints quarterback Drew Brees is taking any days off. When he’s not on the field, he’s working to give kids a chance to be active. The Drew Brees Foundation just opened an inclusive park so that even children with special needs can get in on the playground fun!

The park is called the Walnut Street Playground in Audubon Park, and it’s the first park of its kind in New Orleans. According to an Instagram post from the Saints football account, “The playground offers play features for children of all abilities, including those with mobility and sensory challenges.”

The opening took place a couple of days ago, and there were plenty of kids ready to test out the equipment! Just look at them go:


The playground offers swings that are perfect for anyone to enjoy:


The ramps are wheelchair accessible:


All in all, it seems like a great place for play! Brees, his wife Brittany, and their four children were on hand to open the park:


“Brittany and I are honored to bring this playground to Audubon Park,” Brees told Nola.com. “As the first fully inclusive playground of its kind in New Orleans, we wanted to create an experience where people of all ages and abilities can play side by side. We hope families will enjoy this play environment for years to come.”

It seems as thought the Brees family found a great way to give back to the community, and people online couldn’t agree more. Between the park and his abilities as a player for the Saints, many feel that Brees and the city of New Orleans make the perfect team.

“So glad this man is my quarterback,” one Twitter user wrote in response to the news.


“Who knew this would lead to so many amazing, inspiring moments on and off the field,” another fan wrote.


It’s hard not to be a fan of someone who’s working so hard to make his city better for all children.

Of course, New Orleans isn’t the only place looking to make their parks a better experience for kids. For instance, in San Antonio, there’s a waterpark that’s suited for all children, offering waterproof wheelchairs and so much more.

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We’re fans of anything that enables more children to be able to have more fun — meaning we’d cheer for Brees any day! Go team!

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