This drum set fish tank is one of the coolest aquariums we’ve ever seen

Animal Planet/YouTube

There are some pretty unique fish tanks out there, but these drum set fish tanks are by far the coolest. The upcycle of all upcycles was seemingly first attempted when the crew from the TV show “Tanked” turned an 8-piece drum set into a happy home for fishies.

To hear the creators tell it, this was definitely a challenge, but they worked to keep the tank as true to the original drum set as possible. And perhaps the most impressive part of all—they claim you can actually play it without hurting the fish. Sweet! Animal Planet posted a video about it on YouTube:

Back in 2013, the “Tanked” hosts claimed that this was the only fish tank of its kind. While we were able to find a couple other drum fish tanks online, they’re only singles, such as this one from Budget101, as opposed to an entire drum set:

Nevertheless, the original project is inspiring other creative types to build their own drum-inspired creations. In response to the photo above, for example, one commenter suggested using drums to house plants instead of fish. “A different use for a old drum. You could put plants in there instead of fish,” the Facebook user wrote.

How To Make Your Own Fish Tank

It actually seems pretty tricky to DIY a version of these drum set fish tanks for yourself, but there are plenty of places that will help you create custom fish tanks, so if you’re interested in having one of these in your home, you may need to look into outsourcing.

If you are interested in trying this out yourself, it would probably help to start with the basics. Here you can see a DIY tutorial from Navin Khambhala for a regular old fish tank:

From filters to cleaning to types of fish, there’s a lot to consider when becoming a fish owner, so make sure you do your research before investing time/money into something as high-end as a drum set fish tank.

Other Drum Set Upcycles

If you’re into the idea of repurposing drums into something other than fish tanks, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the instrument into your space in a different capacity. Drums can be turned into lamps, side tables and more. One peek at Pinterest  or Instagram will open your eyes to a whole new world of drum decor.

For example, here are two bass drum coffee tables we can’t help lusting after:

And we can’t take our eyes off this drum shelving:

And as for that planter the previously-mentioned Facebook commenter has been dreaming of? Check out Instagrammer @dirtbagdanno’s drum planters:

And this drumset Instagrammer @secondhandsmile is using for growing tulips:

And we love this hanging basket Instagrammer @hello.kristi found:

Whether you decide to turn a drum set into a home for fish or to use it for another practical purpose, it’s certainly a unique way to add a rock ‘n’ roll element to your home.


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