Dubai hotel will have an indoor rain forest


When looking for a hotel room, it is important to consider amenities. Continental breakfast, a nice pool, free Wi-Fi, copious amounts of beer, etc. But a hotel in Dubai has thought of one perk that you probably never thought to look for in a hotel: a rain forest.

Yes, you read that right. ZAS Architects is building a hotel in Dubai that will come complete with a 75,000-square foot rain forest, because living in nature while not actually living in nature appears to be all the rage these days.

The Rosemont will also feature a trampoline park, a bowling alley and an infinity glass-bottom pool on the 25th floor for those of you who aren’t afraid of heights. But the jungle is what has been getting the most press while people await the 2018 opening of the hotel.

ZAS Architects

According to Business Insider, the rain forest will be in the “podium” section of the hotel that will serve as a base for the two towers. When you first get there, you will be greeted by a roof over the entrance that will have 4-D projections of various scenes, including a jungle, to get you all hyped up for the real thing.

ZAS Architects

And yes, this is the real thing. The rain forest will be filled with actual rain forest plants.

So, let’s take a tour of this place. Or at least, the designers’ renderings of this place.

ZAS Architects

“You’ll have dense trees, canopies, some sun coming through, and during the summertime we will use the recycled condensation from the towers to have the mist coming down from the trees to cool down the air,” ZAS Dubai managing partner DJ Armin told the Huffington Post.


Armin told the Post there will be tickets available to the public even if they aren’t staying at the hotel, and there will be a man-made beach and pool in the jungle.

ZAS Architects

Oh yeah, and if you have been looking closely at the pictures, you may have also noticed the GIANT DINOSAUR.


Now, I’m assuming here that we have not yet reached Jurassic Park status yet and those are fake dinosaurs. But hey, by the time this thing is finished in 2018, you never know what kind of technology could be available to us.

If you are planning a trip to the Middle East, you may want to put the Abraj Kudai on your visit list. The hotel, which is being built in Saudi Arabia, will be the world’s largest with 70 restaurants and 10,000 rooms.

Owned by the Saudi Ministry of Finance, the hotel will 12 separate towers of rooms and arguably more places to eat than most moderately-sized towns. Unsurprisingly, the hotel will feature helipads and will allegedly contain a full-size convention center.

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“Entire floors” of the behemoth will be reserved for royal guests and on top of all that, Abraj Kudai will also be home to one of the world’s largest domes, perched atop the tallest tower.

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