This company will pack your suitcase and deliver it to your hotel for you

Science has proven that travel is a smart investment in many ways: It broadens our perspective, provides us with memories and experiences to treasure forever, and breaks up the monotony of our day-to-day routine. Travel, in other words, is always a good idea.

Packing for travel is a different story. With ever-changing TSA regulations and the fear that you will forget something or the airline will lose your luggage, packing a suitcase is a stress-inducing process. Between trying to figure out which lotions are allowed and how to fold a pleated skirt, there’s good reason that most people put off packing until the very last minute. How great would it be to outsource this most annoying of chores to a professional?

Luckily, it’s 2017, which means there’s an app for that.

The company is called DUFL, and they’re a self-described “travel valet service” that, according to their website, enables travelers to “never have to pack, do laundry, or drag a bag through the airport again.” How do they do it? The secret is that DUFL has their customers store a dedicated travel wardrobe in the company’s warehouse. Every item, from clothing to toiletries, is photographed and cataloged. When it’s time for a trip, customers select the items they want from their virtual closet.

A DUFL packing pro meticulously organizes everything, then the packed suitcase is sent via FedEx to meet the customer at their hotel. At the end of the trip, the suitcase is shipped back to DUFL, where the clothing is professionally cleaned and stored until the next business trip or vacation beckons.

The service costs $99 per trip, and there’s a $9.95 per month fee for clothing storage. It’s an added expense, but for business travelers and frequent flyers in particular, the time-saving aspect and convenience is well worth the price. There’s another major benefit to the service, as DUFL customer Debbe McCall told the New York Times: “I’ve got three words for you: full-size toiletries.” Because bags aren’t going through airport security, DUFL users can bypass TSA requirements, and aren’t confined to carry-on size regulations.

Now, how long until someone develops an app that lets travelers themselves bypass the airport? Until we can FedEx ourselves straight to the hotel, check out these travel tips for improving your airport experience.