Duncan Hines is rolling out colorful mermaid and unicorn cake cups

Duncan Hines

While I personally see nothing wrong with baking an entire cake just for yourself to enjoy on a random, say, Tuesday, I also see why that’s probably not the best idea.

Luckily, single-serving cake mix exists and it can only be described as a game-changer. One brand, Duncan Hines, has been making single-serving cakes for a while now in flavors like caramel brownie and confetti, but they are now adding to their line-up with some colorful themed cakes you’re going to want immediately.

Hitting shelves nationwide in February, Duncan Hines’ new Mermaid, Unicorn and Galaxy Cake Cups all include colorful sprinkles and retail for around $1.67 each.

The Unicorn Cake Cup has pink cake and is vanilla-flavored. The Mermaid Cake Cup is purple and also tastes like vanilla! The Galaxy Cake Cup is chocolate. Each cake includes melty chips and crunchy toppings.

Duncan Hines

While obviously perfect for children as a special treat or small birthday surprise (breakfast, perhaps?!), there is absolutely no reason adult fans of mythical beings and space can’t whip one up for themselves, too!

To make them, just add water, stir, microwave and cool, then sprinkle on the goodies. A Duncan Hines spokesperson says the cake changes colors during the baking process for an extra-special surprise!

Duncan Hines

The cup is also disposable, which means that after you’re done you’ll only have to wash your spoon. Each cup is between 260-280 calories.

Duncan Hines

If you now have a craving for cake (sorry!), but are watching your carbs, Duncan Hines has another new product for you as well. Their new Keto cake cups will hit store shelves in March and come in at just 300 calories and 5 grams net carbs per serving.

Flavors of the Keto cups include walnut fudge brownie, birthday cake and double chocolate cake. Just like the fun themed cups, these are also ready in about a minute and made simply by mixing them with water and popping them in the microwave.

Duncan Hines

You could also try your hand at making your own single-serving cake, as it’s actually pretty easy! Take a look at this list of 10 desserts you can make in a mug, including everything from chocolate cake to s’mores, snickerdoodle, cookies and even apple crisp!

Will you be picking up these new Duncan Hines single-serving cakes when they hit store shelves next month?

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