Dunkin’ Donuts is trying out a name change, among other adjustments

Dunkin Donuts
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Since 1950, Americans across the country have been running on Dunkin’ Donuts. But now, the eighth-largest fast food chain in the world could be undergoing some major changes.

In order to keep pace with a country of health-conscious folks who shy away from indulging in donuts on a regular basis, Dunkin’ Donuts could be dropping the “Donuts” from their name. We know. It sounds unbelievable.

The first hint of this possible change comes to us from Pasadena, California, where a Dunkin’ Donuts location has a sign that reads “Dunkin’,” followed by the slogan, “Coffee and more.”

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In other words, the “Donuts” has been dropped. According to the company, this is going to be a branding experiment and, if successful, other locations across the country could be following suit.

Other Changes At Dunkin’ Donuts

Along with this branding trial, you may see some other changes at your favorite Dunkin’ Don—ahem—Dunkin’. The company is removing 10 percent of their menu items, including items such as the Turkey Cheddar Bacon Sandwich, the Tuna Salad Sandwich, the Strawberry Banana and Tropical Mango smoothies, and many other “slow-moving” items.

Dunkin Donuts

These changes will only occur in New England and upstate New York. At first. But by March, changes to Dunkin’ Donuts menus across the country will be instituted.

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However, if you really miss something from the menu, there’s a chance it could come back… provided there are enough customers who feel the same way.

“On a regional basis, there will continue to be local favorites carried and we can always consider adding items back on a national or regional basis if we see strong demand,” assures the company.

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No More Artificial Dyes

In keeping with this new health-conscious model, Dunkin’ Donuts is also ceasing to use artificial dyes in their donuts. By the end of 2018, Dunkin’ (and its sister company Baskin-Robbins) has pledged to stop using artificial dyes in all of their food and drink items.

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According to the company’s recent press release, “The brand has removed artificial dyes from its donuts in the U.S., declaring donuts now sold at Dunkin’ Donuts restaurants nationwide are no longer being made using colors from artificial sources.”

In the communication, the company noted that it was difficult to recreate the Dunkin’ flavors people love without the same additives.

“Our biggest challenge was replacing the  artificial dyes in donuts with fruit juices and other extracts while balancing the flavor profile and bright colors. It took years of research and development to get it just right, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product.”

However, they do caution that toppings for limited edition and custom image donuts may contain synthetic dyes.

Dunkin' Donuts

So far, there hasn’t been too much outrage about the recipe changes at Dunkin’. Nothing compared to the backlash the makers of Nutella received when they announced they’d tinkered with the much-loved recipe last year.

Nutella Shortage Possible As Weather In Turkey Wipes Out 70 Percent Of Hazelnut Crop
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The news was met with howls of rage on the internet, where loyal customers professed their love for the old recipe.

“OMG!! They are changing the recipe of #Nutella!!!,” wrote one Twitter user. “NOOOOOOOO HOW DARE THEY!! Leave the sugar & coco alone!!!”

What do you think? Are you on board for a healthier take on your favorite coffee-and-donut joint?

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