Dunkin’ has 2 healthy new breakfast bowls on the menu, including one that’s keto

Dunkin’ Donuts might not be the first place you think of when you consider healthy breakfast options, but the national chain is about to change all that. Thanks to the company’s new “Dunkin’ Bowls,” customers will find it easy to eat healthy on the go, whether they are trying to eat low-fat, low-carb, or something in between.

The addition of Dunkin’ Bowls is in part a response to Dunkin’s realization that their customers are really looking for healthier and heartier options for breakfast. After all, as delicious as donuts are, you need protein, veggies, and healthy fats if you want to power through your day.

“After the success of our Power Breakfast Sandwich that launched earlier this year and has been extended due to popular demand, we found that our guests craved innovative, accessible, better-for-you menu choices,” Tony Weisman, Dunkin’s U.S. chief marketing officer, said in a recent press release. “Our new Egg White Bowl is all that and much more with great taste, vegetables, lean protein and no bread. For guests looking for a heartier Dunkin’ Bowl choice, our Sausage Scramble Bowl is a great new option full of flavor and protein.”

Dunkin' Donuts

Made with egg whites, spinach, roasted potatoes, cheddar cheese and caramelized onions, the Egg White Dunkin’ Bowl clocks in at 250 calories. The Sausage Scramble Bowl comes with scrambled eggs, sausage, melted cheddar jack cheese, peppers and onions and clocks in at 450 calories. You can customize these bowls to meet your specific dietary needs, such as asking for no potatoes if you are limiting carbs, or asking for light or no cheese if you are trying to limit your dairy intake.

The Sausage Scramble bowl, with its high protein level (21 grams) and low carbs, appears to fit the requirements of a ketogenic diet. The Egg White bowl, with 14 grams of lean protein, is perfect for people cutting out meat. This bowl would work for certain diet programs, such as Whole 30, with a modification or two.

These items are part of the “DDSMART menu,” which helps customers to locate menu items that are high in nutrition and/or are “reduced in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar or sodium by at least 25%” when compared to similar menu items.

Dunkin' Donuts

Other healthy breakfast options on this DDSMART menu include the Turkey Sausage Sandwich, Multigrain Oatmeal, Veggie Egg White on English Muffin and Wake Up Wrap Sandwiches. Eating healthy at DD has never been so easy.

Now, if you can just resist the smell of those delicious donuts …