Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s youngest daughter gives him the cold shoulder when he tries to sing to her

It’s no secret that kids love Santa Claus. But what about Dwanta Claus? Who is Dwanta Claus, you might very well ask? Well, Dwanta Claus is the creation of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, a character he decided to share with his 2-year-old daughter Jasmine.

Johnson set off to find his youngest, merrily singing “Here Comes Dwanta Claus” to the tune of “Here Comes Santa Claus.” He decided to record the moment for prosperity. After all, she was going to love this special daddy-daughter holiday memory.

Except…she kind of didn’t?


As you can see from the Instagram video above, Jasmine gave her daddy a big NOPE and went right back to playing. You might think that only teenagers can muster that icy “I am way too cool for this” attitude, but Jasmine proves that even toddlers can give an expert cold shoulder. Except that, when you’re as cute as Jasmine, the result is just hilarious rather than offensive!

It turns out that lots of people can relate to Jasmine’s reaction to her dad. Hey, sometimes people can just be a little TOO jolly. But as for Dwayne Johnson’s ACTUAL teenager (16-year-old Simone), she wasn’t too cool to share some holiday spirit with her famous daddy:


Simone and Jasmine will soon be welcoming another little girl into the Johnson family. The star of “Jumanji” and his wife, Lauren Hashian, recently announced that they’re expecting a baby. And yes, it’s another girl!


As you can see in his gushing Instagram post, Dwayne Johnson isn’t disappointed to find himself in a houseful of women. As he says, he loves being surrounded by all that beautiful estrogen, and he is in awe of his wife’s loving, powerful female energy. How awesome is that?

Let’s just hope this new little one enjoys Dwanta Claus a bit more than her sister did!