How To Dye Easter Eggs With Cool Whip

For a couple of years now, a how-to tutorial about using shaving cream to dye Easter eggs has been topping the Pinterest charts. The unique marbled eggs are no doubt pretty, but left a lot of commenters with questions. Is it safe to eat these eggs? Do they taste like shaving cream? Do the eggs smell manly?

I don’t know about you, but even the possibility of mixing shaving cream and food seems wrong. Really, really wrong. Egg salad with a hint of musk, hmmm? Ewww. Maybe we should save the shaving cream for our faces and legs.

So, the clever Tanya Memme came up with a really great, edible alternative—Cool Whip!

All you need is food coloring, a container of thawed Cool Whip and of course eggs. Check out this video for the full details.