Earn Extra Money (Without Leaving Your House) With Swagbucks

We talk a lot about ways to save money, but how about on ways to earn more—without even leaving your house?

If you’re willing to take surveys, participate in focus groups, watch videos (like movie trailers) and look up things online, Swagbucks may be perfect for you.

The seven-year-old company has given away over $111 million to people. That’s a LOT of surveys and focus groups!

“It is thinking about the consumer first. That’s what I’ve tried to do in every company I’ve been in,” said Chuck Davis, the CEO of Swagbucks who formerly ran companies such as Shopzilla and Fandango, in this CEO Coaching International interview. “We try and look at the technology and figure out how will the consumer use it and then should we be in that neighborhood or not. If so, we jump in fully.”

I’d say that whatever Davis is doing is working. For instance, one woman made taking her grandson to Disney World her goal… via Swagbucks.

Genevieve and her husband were retired and she still wanted to send presents to her grandchildren. Then, she found Swagbucks to help foot the gift-giving bills.

After joining Swagbucks (and doing things from taking surveys to taking part in focus groups), Genevieve then traded in her Swagbucks for Amazon credits.

Then, she traded those with her daughter for Target gift cards, which she used to buy Disney gift cards. After a year, she had earned enough Swagbucks to pay for a week-long trip to Disney World with her grandson and husband.

Talk about determination! She also used $575 in non-Swagbucks Disney gift cards. “I have the trip paid for and an additional $400 in Disney gift cards for spending money,” she said. “For anyone who thinks they can’t afford to go to Walt Disney World, you absolutely can with Swagbucks,” she said. “I know because I did it.”

If you want to be the next Genevieve—or want to gain Swagbucks for non-Disney purposes—check out their website. You’ll get $5 just for signing up, so it’s a win-win!

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