These cute Easter bunny cinnamon rolls are super easy to make

A Girl and a Glue Gun

We love Easter brunch. But we love easy Easter brunch even more!

If you’re looking for a simple pastry idea for your Easter table or other spring meals, hop to it with these cinnamon roll bunnies.

A Girl and a Glue Gun takes you through the quick baking tutorial for these cute bunny rolls. Use any premade cinnamon roll brand. Form one roll into the bunny’s face. Take another roll and cut it into segments, shaping the pieces into the bunny’s ears. Stick the ears onto the bunny face, bake and ice. Voila! Bunny face cinnamon rolls!

A Girl and a Glue Gun

Pillsbury takes the bunny cinnamon rolls a step further, adding baking chocolate, chocolate chips and almond slices to the bunny face for extra adorableness. Another Pillsbury recipe suggests swapping in bacon for the bunny ears.


Make your cinnamon roll bunnies even fancier with a side-profile whole-bunny design and a raisin eye, thanks to this technique from These look like they’re ready to leap off your plate and into your mouth!

You can also try a cinnamon roll twist on palmiers, the crispy French cookies. (These can also be shaped to look like bunny ears.)  Roll out some frozen pastry dough on cinnamon sugar, top it with more cinnamon sugar, fold or roll the pastry dough, cut it, shape it and bake it. Both Chocolate, Chocolate and More and Brit + Co have easy recipes for these.

Chocolate, Chocolate and More

If you’re more of a croissant fan, try these premade croissant rolls wrapped around Cadbury caramel eggs from Taming Twins. They’re not bunny-shaped but they look delicious!

Taming Twins

And if you prefer a breakfast pastry that’s a little more savory, check out Delish’s breakfast pinwheels using crescent rolls topped with shredded cheese, scrambled eggs and slices of ham. Roll them up, slice them and bake them.


Because sometimes you want to make things from scratch. And sometimes you just don’t have time for that. But no matter what, your Easter table will still look delicious!

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