This Supermarket Is Selling Easter Eggs Infused With Prosecco


Easter won’t just be fun for the kids this year! Sure, using paint to dye eggs and hunting for eggs in the backyard will be just as thrilling as usual. But this year, there’s a little something special in it for the adults, too. Well, at least, there will be for those lucky enough to get their hands on these special, Prosecco-infused Easter eggs.

British retailer Marks & Spencer is selling Easter egg-shaped milk chocolate flavored with berries and sparkling wine for an extra fancy, adult take on the spring holiday. So far, it seems as though only folks across the pond can easily purchase this delicious treat, appropriately called the “Proseggo.” These delicious-tasting chocolate eggs cost about $6.

A post from the Marks & Spencer Food PR Instagram alerted shoppers of this decadent treat:

“This luxury milk chocolate egg took over a year to perfect and features a delicate infusion of raspberry, black currant and Prosecco. It’s finished with an eye-catching ruby swirl, and perfect for not-so-little ones wishing to indulge this Easter,” the post read.

But those living in the United States don’t necessarily have to miss out on boozy chocolate this Easter.

For instance, you can find Prosecco-infused truffles from a London-based chocolatier online on Amazon. It’ll cost you $44.99 to get your hands on them, but considering they’re pink and — y’know — made with Prosecco, it might just be worth it:


There’s also this gin-infused chocolate egg truffle set for all of the cocktail lovers out there. This one will cost you $52.99 to get your hands on it through Amazon.


And if you’re hosting an Easter brunch, this Bellini-infused chocolate egg will make the perfect accompaniment. It’s available for $39.99 through Amazon.


If you can’t quite bring yourself to spend $40 or more on chocolate, you can always resort to another dessert option.

This pastel-colored cake, for example, would make for a huge hit at a springtime Easter gathering. And it requires using — you guessed it — Prosecco!

The recipe from A Slice Of Sweet calls for a cup of Prosecco in the batter to yield a moist, boozy cake center. As if that wasn’t enough, it gets topped off with a sweet vanilla frosting, which is dyed a perfect pink hue using gel food coloring:

A Side Of Sweet

Whether you go for chocolates or some other sweet treat, there’s no going wrong when you include Prosecco in your Easter celebrations! Because who says the kids get to have all the fun this season?

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