This Delicious And Easy Appetizer Uses A Bag Of Oyster Crackers—And That’s About It

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In my family, this delicious appetizer is a staple come holiday season. Our get-togethers always include this mix of spices and oyster crackers on the snack table, and take it from me, you’re going to want it at all of the parties you attend this season, too.

Not only is this stuff delicious and somewhat addictive, it’s also super easy to make. So if you’re signed up to bring something to a potluck, you’ll want to have this in tow. No one will ever know it took you only 15 to 20 minutes to make.

Southern Living has the full directions for exactly what you’ll need to do to make these seasoned oyster crackers. The recipe calls for little more than two bags of oyster crackers, dried dill, lemon pepper, garlic and a few other spices, plus vegetable oil.

Once the spices and crackers are mixed together, you bake them to blend the flavors. After a few minutes of cooling, these crackers are ready to be devoured.

Southern Living also points out that this recipe can be customized to your desired taste. Want more garlic and less dill? That’s an easy switch!

Pinterest also offers a lot of variations on the recipe if you need some inspiration for how to change this appetizer up a little. Meanwhile, here are five more takes on these tasty seasoned crackers.

1. Spicy Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Make a spicy version by adding red pepper flakes, according to the Don’t Sweat The Recipe blog. That way, you’ll have lots of flavor and an added kick, too.

Don't Sweat The Recipe

2. Old Bay Oyster Crackers

If you’d like to make these crackers to pair with seafood, you can try adding Old Bay seasoning to the recipe, too, as The Wicked Noodle points out. Or, add these to your clam chowder to give it something extra.

The Wicked Noodle

3. No-Bake Oyster Crackers

There’s even a way you can skip out on the time in the oven — if you have an extra 24 hours in advance of serving. The no-bake version is available on the Midlife Healthy Living website.

Midlife Healthy Living

4. Cheesy Oyster Crackers

Who doesn’t love cheese? One way to majorly upgrade this appetizer is to add parmesan cheese to the recipe, as the Just A Pinch website notes. Whether it’s fresh or the powdered version that’s made to pair with pizza and salads, there’s no wrong way to add cheesy parmesan flavor to this dish.

Just A Pinch

5. Salted Toffee Oyster Crackers

And if you prefer sweet over savory, here’s an option to coat your crackers in toffee sauce and salt to give you plenty of reason to serve it for dessert instead. Get the recipe at Simply Salted.

Simply Salted

No matter how you decide to serve them, there’s no going wrong with these oyster cracker recipes. Enjoy!

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