12 Brilliant (And Cheap!) Baby-Proofing Tricks Using Stuff You Already Have


Necessity may be the mother of invention, but perhaps frugality is the dad. Keeping little ones safe is any parent’s top priority. Fortunately, you do not have to spend your child’s college fund to protect your tiny tot from the dangers lurking around your home. Check out these brilliant baby-proofing hacks other parents have devised using stuff you probably already have.

1. Tennis Ball Corner Guards

Whether they are just starting to “cruise” around on the furniture or they are already tearing through the house, sharp corners can be a hazard to little noggins. Solve the problem by cutting slits in tennis balls and sliding them onto furniture corners.

2. Hair Elastic On Toilet Paper Roll

Kids can spread out an entire roll of TP in seconds flat and once it’s unrolled, you will never get it back in place. CK and Nate shared this quick fix: A simple hair elastic wrapped around the roll can toddler-proof your toilet paper.

Toddler proof toliet paper
The Life of CK and Nate | Cassandra Kirkland Stambaugh

3. Crib Bumpers On Fireplace Hearth

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends nixing crib bumpers to create a safer sleeping environment for your baby. Use them to baby-proof your hearth instead by wrapping the base of your fireplace in the fabric-covered cushions.

4. Duct-Tape Outlets

Electrical outlets seem to entice small children. Remove the temptation by covering wall outlets in duct tape. With so many designer styles available, you can even find something to enhance your décor.

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5. Hangers On Closet Doorknobs

Bi-fold closet doors can be tricky when it comes to baby-proofing, but this genius hack from Make It Love It solves the problem. Simply place an inverted plastic clothing hanger over both knobs to keep little ones from opening, closing and pinching themselves.

Make It Love It

6. Hot Glue On Socks

Socks and uncarpeted floors can be a precarious combination for toddlers. Make socks, tights and pajama feet skid resistant by adding dots of glue to the bottoms with your glue gun. Puffy fabric paint works great, as well.

7. Pipe Insulation On Glass Tables

Newly mobile babies love to grab and mouth every surface they can reach, making glass furniture a worry for parents. Pipe insulation to the rescue! These foam tubes are narrow enough to fit onto table edges easily, plus they come pre-sliced so they slide right on. Instructables has the tutorial for this DIY project.

Instructables | Alex Barmi

8. Turn Tube Socks Into Knee Pads

Crawlers can scuff and bruise their chubby little legs scooting around on the floor. Bonzai Aphrodite turns Dad’s old mismatched socks into protective knee covers with nothing more than a pair of scissors.

Bonzai Aphrodite | Sayward Rebhal

9. Fabric Baby Gate

Stairs and babies do not mix. Block your wee explorer by stretching a length of fabric across a couple of tension rods and inserting the barrier into the staircase for a DIY gate. Done Is Better Than Perfect has the instructions.

Done Is Better Than Perfect | Katy Miles

10. Rubber Band Doorknob Guard

Toddlers are notoriously skillful little creatures. Don’t wait for your baby to become locked in a room to discover how stressful this experience can be. Wrap a thick rubber band around both knobs, crisscrossing the latch in the process to prevent kids from locking interior doors.

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11. Pool Noodle Bed Bumper

If your tot is moving up to a big kid’s bed or spending the night at Grandma’s, avoid a middle-of-the-night fall with pool noodles. Honey and Lime has the details on how to tuck a noodle under the fitted sheet on both sides of the bed to create a comfy and inexpensive bumper.

Honey and Lime | Deanna Underwood

12. Toy Chain Links On Cabinets

Plastic chain links are perfect for taking toys on the go, but they can be ideal baby-proofing tools, as well. Simply loop them around a pair of adjacent cabinet or drawer pulls to foil little hands trying to open them.


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