Homemade peanut brittle is crunchy, buttery and easy to make

easy recipe for classic peanut brittle
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If you’ve ever attempted to make peanut brittle yourself, you may have gotten a bit discouraged by the persnickety nature of this sweet, classic treat. But some recipes — like this one from Cooking Classy — simplify the process and break it down into manageable steps. So, you can make friends with the peanut brittle … before devouring it, of course.

One of the keys to success with this recipe is using a candy thermometer rather than guessing if the peanut brittle is ready by looking at it. Another pro tip is to have all the ingredients measured out and ready to go, as the final steps of the recipe will ask you to move quickly.

The ingredients list is simple and includes staples that most people have on hand, like sugar, corn syrup, butter, baking soda, salt and, of course, peanuts.

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Perhaps the most important requirement in crafting this crunchy, sweet confection, however, is patience. The treat’s signature richness comes from the delicious alchemy that occurs during the caramelization process. As the Cooking Classy blogger, Jaclyn, notes, it’s best to cook the mixture gradually on low heat, rather than trying to hurry things up by increasing the heat.

Another helpful hint from this recipe is to butter and heat up the baking sheet in the oven before you even begin the cooking process. Then, you’ll combine some of the ingredients and boil them together while stirring occasionally. Once it’s time to take the concoction off the heat, you’ll then add the final few ingredients, give a quick stir and pour it onto the baking sheet to set.

Find all the specifics in Cooking Classy’s recipe.

In the end, your effort and patience will pay off and you’ll have some crispy, nutty brittle to place in candy tins as gifts or just munch on yourself whenever the craving hits for this classic sweet.

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