These 4-ingredient holiday peppermint patties couldn’t be easier—or cuter

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

Though I’m not a candy person, there’s something about York Peppermint Patties that gets me every time. Somehow, that vapor of mint in my mouth expels the notion that I’m eating something that isn’t so great for me. Sugar? What sugar? This is like brushing your teeth!

Of course the chocolate melting into my fingerprints says otherwise. But this just adds to my feeling that Peppermint Patties (and Junior Mints, for that matter) are best consumed in winter.

This four-ingredient recipe for homemade Christmas peppermint patties from Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons underscores that this treat really is made for the holidays — it’s right there in the name. And frankly, these will look adorable when you put these out at the potluck at work or your family’s holiday gatherings.

Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons

But I haven’t even gotten to the best part. These little patties are quick to put together, and unlike most holiday sweets, you won’t even have to turn your oven on. Just use your hand mixer to beat together cream cheese, salted butter and peppermint extract, then mix in powdered sugar.

If you’re coloring them, divide the dough, then mix in the red or green gel coloring (yes, technically, this is an extra ingredient, but it’s still easy!). Roll them into balls, flatten with a fork, pop them into a sealed container in the fridge and boom: yummy mint delights for days. (Obviously there’s a tiny bit more to it than that, so consult the full recipe at Kitchen Fun with My 3 Sons.)

How do they compare to the traditional patty in the silver wrapper? Kitchen Fun blogger Jill says they’re softer and creamier than the original. Sign me up.

Though these minty patties can be made with just four ingredients, it’s best if you have at least one more ingredient on hand: regular sugar. Jill’s photos show a lovely, snow-like dusting of sugar on her patties, and I have to say, that seems like the way to go.

She points out that you can also easily dip these in chocolate if that’s a key ingredient in the original patty for you. And she’s not the only purveyor of yum to come to this realization — other home cooks have put together no-bake copycat peppermint patties that view the chocolate coating as an essential part of the patty.

I get it. The two go together like, well, chocolate and mint. Just ask the brilliant marketers who pump out this combo in ice cream at this time of year, from peppermint bark Häagen-Dazs to peppermint Drumsticks.


There’s one more four-ingredient mint-and-chocolate holiday treat you should know about: this peppermint Oreo ice cream cake. Baking with Mom has the full recipe. You’re welcome.

Baking with Mom

I know, right? Time to get not-baking!


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