These Easy Homemade Snickers Snack Cups Will Be Your New Favorites

All Because She Saved

When that 3 p.m. snack attack hits and you’re craving a Snickers, instead of heading to the office vending machine, you can reach into your lunch bag. Because thanks to this homemade Snickers snack cup recipe from All Because She Saved, you might not have to buy a Snickers bar ever again. Why would you when you could make it from scratch instead?

This recipe shows just how easy it is to get all of the Snickers flavor packed into a cupcake liner for mess-free eating. All you’ll need is chocolate chips, caramel bits and peanuts to make your favorite candy bar right in your kitchen.

You’ll layer melted chocolate, a caramel and peanut mixture and another layer of chocolate in a muffin tin and let cool until set. And just like that, you’ll have a homemade Snickers treat:

All Because She Saved

The best part is this recipe makes about 12 snack cups at once, so you can make these and have them for the whole family, or have enough to last you for a week at the least.

Whether you eat these on their own or serve them alongside a scoop of ice cream for an extra decadent dessert is entirely up to you. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a Snickers, after all.

And if you’re missing the nougat of an actual Snickers bar, not to worry! You can make that from scratch, too, although it does require a little extra effort. A recipe from The Big Man’s World points out you can create the nougat layer using almond flour, coconut flour, a sweetener such as maple syrup and milk.

With that wedged between caramel and chocolate, you’ve essentially got a real-deal Snickers on your hands:

The Big Man's World

And if you’re hoping for a Snickers snack that’s a little more healthy, you can follow the recipe from the From My Bowl blog, which is vegan and is made using simple ingredients such as dates and peanut butter. Check out her tips, including the one to use a silicone mold will make it easy to shape these exactly like a Snickers bar.

From My Bowl

These are just a few recipes you can turn to when you’re craving a Snickers bar, when you’re in the mood to make a homemade treat, or both!


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