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9 Easy Paleo Dinner Recipes You Can Throw Together In No Time

Dinner recipes that are easy and nutritious? Yes, please!

This time of year, many people are using their New Year’s resolutions as a way to create healthier eating habits.

One popular diet is the paleo diet, which focuses on eating the types of foods that our pre-agricultural, hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. Although their are many iterations of the diet, most versions of paleo eating plans prioritize higher protein intake, lower carbohydrate intake, high-fiber foods and whole foods instead of processed foods.

If you’re going paleo in 2018 to lose weight, get healthy or just see what all the fuss is about, you’re going to need some tasty recipes that are compliant with the diet at your disposal. And if you’re going to stick with it, the recipes need to be simple enough to execute. Read on for nine paleo recipes that are cinch to make!