You can make this easy stuffed pepper soup in the slow cooker

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Slow-cooker food creations often get lumped into dishes best served in autumn and winter. But, in recent years, I’ve learned to keep out the reliable slow cooker in the busy spring and summer months. The same soups that nourish our bodies and warm the soul taste just as good any time of year. And, any meal that I can prep and leave to cook all day is my ideal kind of recipe!

Cooking Classy took a classic stuffed pepper recipe and transformed it into a Stuffed Pepper Soup that looks like a no-fuss, savory and delicious dish the whole family will enjoy.

Cooking Classy

The ingredients for Stuffed Pepper Soup are so basic, you’ll likely have most of them on hand in your stocked pantry already. Check the recipe for the quantities of each of these ingredients you will need: lean ground beef, bell peppers, onions, tomato sauce, diced peppers, beef broth, parsley, basil, oregano, white or brown rice and shredded cheese (your choice of cheddar of mozzarella).

In my experience, cooking with the Crock-Pot does require a little preparation to get the most out of a meat’s flavor. Usually, this includes some quick browning on the stove to draw out that deliciousness and help the meat keep its texture while cooking slowly in the crockpot. This dish does require you to saute the beef, garlic and onion before putting them in the slow cooker.

Other than that, the rest of the process as outlined by Jaclyn of Cooking Classy requires simply dumping everything into the pot and letting it cook all day.

If you plan to include the rice (or other grain like quinoa) to your soup, check the recipe for how and when to add it to the soup after its fully cooked.

Cooking Classy

You can also follow the recipe to make a stovetop version of the Stuffed Pepper Soup. This cooks for a bit less time than the minimum of six hours it’ll take in the Crock-Pot.

The Stuffed Pepper Soup has a thicker texture and the recipe recommends serving it with some fresh bread to make a full meal. At the end of a busy day, even in the warmer months, wouldn’t it be great to have a meal you can just spoon into bowls and enjoy?

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