5 Easy Ways To Make Cash, Starting Right Now


Need cash in a hurry? Don’t we all? Well, in researching some ways to make cash—and fast—I found—and tried out—five easy ways to start making extra dough today.

In the past, we told you about Swagbucks, where you can answer surveys to win gift cards, which then translate to cash. We’ve also given you lots of ways to save money at the grocery store, on dining out, and in general.

Below are simple ways to make money right now, so your wallet will never be empty again.

1. Join Online Job Sites

Searching for quick or odd-jobs on Simply Hired, CareerBuilder and Craigslist. I know… Craigslist for a job? I didn’t used to believe it—that is, until several friends found extra jobs via the site, even ones they could do during downtime at their 9-5 ones (like proofreading or translation work).

So, you never know. Plus, if finding an extra job is a numbers game like dating, then the more job sites—like Simply Hired and CareerBuilder—that our resumes are on and ones we are scouring for jobs, the better.

2. Drive For Uber Or Amazon

That’s right, drive for a company like Uber or Amazon (or Lyft or Target—you get the picture) and make your own hours. Yes, only work when it is convenient for you.

As someone who took a few dozen Uber rides in Chicago earlier this year, almost every driver told me they love the freedom of the job and having no boss looking over their shoulder, per se.

So, especially if you love driving—and even if you don’t—doesn’t making an extra $20-30 (or more) per hour sound nice?! (Note: That amount was the average that the drivers I spoke to said they made.)

3. Sell Clothes And Items You Don’t Need

A friend of mine posted a bunch of stuff on Craigslist one day: a mini fridge for $10, an old DVD shelf for $5, and so on. I thought his prices were so low, why didn’t he just donate the items instead? “A little money is better than no money,” he said.

You can do this with clothes, neglected things in the garage, etc. Besides, who says Spring cleaning has to take place in the Spring? Chances are, if you have not used said item or article of clothing for at least six months, will you ever? I didn’t think so. When in doubt, get it out… and make some extra cash along the way.

4. Make Something

We all have secret talents—knitting dresses, sewing our own clothes, making handmade Christmas ornaments, and so many more. Well, why not take that talent to sites like Etsy and make some money from your moonlighting skills?

5. Help Out

Chances are, we all know someone in need of a babysitter, nanny, gardener, chef, dog walker, and insert-your-own-related-things here.

A few years ago, a male friend of mine worked so many hours, he found he had no time to cook (and he was tired of living on fast food). So, he went to Craigslist and found someone to cook him homemade meals each week, three times a day!

He’d buy the groceries, then pay her a set amount for her work, and it was a win-win for both of them. You never know, so brainstorm and see what you can do to help out someone in need who’s willing to pay for your services.

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