12 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Look More Organized Than It Really Is

It takes a lot of effort to keep your house clean. But what takes less effort? Making it appear clean.

These tricks are designed to make your home look instantly cleaner and more organized, without putting in all that much work. Some call it lazy, we call it clever.

1. Use Toilet Paper Tubes To Organize Cords

Tangled cords from all of our electronics are a pain, and frankly, they don’t look very good. Reuse your toilet paper rolls to give your cords some organization in the easiest way.


2. Keep Pants Hangers in Your Pantry

Pants hangers are useful for more than just your jeans. Keep some handy for the bags in your pantry because they’ll keep your snacks from going stale and they’ll free up some shelf space. Win, meet win.


3. Put A Shoe Organizer Under Your Sink

From hair spray to toothpaste, chances are, there’s a lot being stored in your bathroom. Free up some shelf space and sort your items with a shoe organizer under the sink.


4. …Or in Your Pantry

Shoe organizers can organize way more than just shoes. Throw one on your pantry door and you just gained way more storage space. Make sure it’s transparent so you can see where everything is.


5. Use An Old Pill Bottle To Store Mini Novelties

If you’ve got an old pill bottle lying around taking up space, spruce it up with some paint for an upgraded way to store bobby pins, earrings, rings, etc.


6. Put A Tablecloth Over Your Shelves

A quick way to hide cluttered shelves? A classy skirted tablecloth. Put one over your nightstand, book shelf, or wherever there’s some clutter in your home.


7. Hide Your Wifi Router With An Old Book

This one is easier than it looks. All you have to do is take an old book and cut out its pages, then just slide the router in. Done and done.


8. Put Hooks in Your Garage

For optimal storage space in your garage and a cleaner appearance, just put a line of hooks across the wall and hang everything up.


9. Use Wrapping Paper to Hide The Mess

If there’s a glass door in your house and you don’t want people to see through it, just put some patterned wrapping paper over the other side of the door.


10. Use Shower Rings To Hang Up Scarfs

A creative way to store your scarfs and keep them in one space is using shower rings. Put some on a hanger and not only will they be more organized, but you’ll also be able to neatly see all of them.


11. Use Baskets in Your Laundry Room

From detergent to those single socks without a match, there’s a lot of stuff that gets stored in the laundry room. Keep it in an orderly fashion with baskets. And lots of them.


12. Store Bracelets on A Glass Bottle

This is a cute way to keep your bracelets organized for you to see that is so simple and clever. Wood frame optional.