Ed Sheeran Secures Housing For Homeless Children On Red Nose Day

Ed Sheeran’s latest album may be called “Divide,” but his latest actions have been all about coming together. In support of Red Nose Day, Sheeran decided to secure housing for five homeless boys living in Liberia. Now, he’s urging you to donate to the Red Nose Day cause.

What started out as a trip to film a Red Nose Day promotional video turned into something more when Sheeran realized he had to do more. Instead of simply packing up and going home at the end of the day, he insisted that he and the film crew first place five of the boys they’d met into safe housing until they could get them into a school.

According to the video, this was something he felt he had to do. “I can’t leave,” he said into the camera. “I can’t leave without sorting these kids out.”

Red Nose Day is coming up on May 25, and it’s meant to be a day devoted to making a difference for kids. Parents, teachers, everyone can get involved.

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While filming the video, Sheeran appeared to establish a special connection with JD, one of the boys he met. JD was orphaned when the Ebola virus killed his mom and grandfather, and has been living on the streets for six months. But, he admits that he doesn’t want to be. He’d rather be in school and, one day, he hopes to be the president so he can make a difference.

“What would you do if you were the president?” Sheeran asked him.

“If I were the president, I would build schools. I would feed the community and give them money to buy food for their children,” he responded.

It’s no wonder Sheeran grew attached to JD and the other children he met on his trip to Liberia. If you found yourself wanting to help, too, follow Sheeran’s lead and donate some money to the Red Nose Day cause by visiting their website.