Eerie photos of Disneyland amid the California wildfires

A number of wildfires have recently spread across much of Northern California. At least 17 people have died as a result of the largest ones, while more than 100 people were being treated at Napa- and Sonoma-area hospitals for fire-related injuries or health issues, including burns, smoke inhalation and shortness of breath. Additionally, about 2,000 homes and businesses have been destroyed by the fires.

But Northern California is not the only part of the state that has been affected. Now a separate fire has led to massive evacuations near Disneyland in Anaheim, California. This fire has affected the cities of Anaheim, Orange and Tustin, and it is being sped up by the dry Santa Ana winds and warm temperatures.

While Disneyland remains open to the public, guests there have captured some pretty eerie pictures of the park in which the effects of the nearby fire are visible. Check out this one from Instagram that shows a Ferris wheel that is illuminated by the orange sky behind it:

Visitors also said that ash was dropping from the sky as they walked around the park.  This woman tweeted a particularly creepy-looking shot of Space Mountain surrounded by a deep orange sky. “Dystopian future or #canyonfire2 from @Disneyland #spacemountain,” she captioned her photo.

Another user on Instagram captioned this photo of a Star Wars attraction, “The sky makes me feel like I’m on another planet…Thoughts and prayers go out to anybody affected by the fire in Anaheim Hills.”

Meanwhile, on Twitter, another Disneyland visitor shared these spooky-looking snaps of the castle:

Although the park continues to remain open, the company did tweet on Oct. 9 to let visitors know that fireworks would be cancelled that evening due to wind conditions.

Known as the Canyon 2 fire, this fire has burned 9,217 acres in Southern California’s Orange County, and at least 3,000 residents of Anaheim and the surrounding areas were evacuated. Fire weather watches were issued for Southern California for Oct. 12 through Oct 14.

We’re hoping for the best possible outcome for all those affected by these wildfires.

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