This elderly couple’s engagement photos went viral

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Engagement photos of cheery young couples cavorting in the park or sipping daintily from the same milkshake are a common sight on most people’s Facebook feeds. But it’s not so often that you see a collection of adorable engagement photos starring a smitten couple who are also grandparents.

Enter Cleveland “Murphy” Wilson, 70, and Lucinda Myers, 67, two lovebirds who connected at their Alabama church four months ago. The two had been casual acquaintances until Myers noticed that Wilson missed a couple weeks of church, and decided to make her move when he returned. “I said to him, ‘Where have you been?!’” Myers told TODAY. “I don’t know what made me say that to him.”

The two got engaged quickly but, as Wilson points out, the definition of “quickly” is all relative. Both Wilson and Myers have been married before, and didn’t want to waste any time starting their new life together. “It’s been, in one sense, a whirlwind romance,” Wilson said. “But when you get our age you can’t be fooling around with all these different rules of society—I’m 70 years old and I ain’t got time for that!”

Wilson’s daughter insisted they take some engagement photos to commemorate the occasion. For their photographer, Gianna Snell, the assignment was a dream come true. Snell met up with the couple at a public park, and found their energy to be not just photogenic, but totally infectious. “Bystanders were drawn to them,” Snell wrote in a blog post about the shoot. “There were teenage girls, families and young couples who stopped what they were doing to take in this rare glimpse of an older couple whose love was so new they couldn’t take their eyes off of each other. Their love was magnetic.”

Snell shared the magical photos in a Facebook album titled, “It’s Never Too Late To Find Love,” and the images—along with the couple’s heartwarming love story—went viral almost instantly. Here are a few of our favorite shots:

On July 29, Myers and Wilson make it official. Stay tuned for the sure-to-be-amazing wedding photos!

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