Eli Manning And Wife, Abby McGrew, Welcomed Their First Son On Super Bowl Sunday

This year’s Super Bowl was an extra-special one for New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning — and this time it had nothing to do with football. Manning, 38, and his wife Abby McGrew welcomed their first son and fourth child, Charles “Charlie” Elisha Manning, just after midnight.

The family already has three daughters, ranging in age from 4 to 7: Ava, Lucy and Caroline. Back in 2012, after the birth of their firstborn, Ava, Manning revealed to Parents that parenting was more nerve-wracking than playing in the Super Bowl. “Both are very exciting,” he explained. “In terms of the Super Bowl, I know what to expect. With parenting, this has been a brand-new experience.”

“It’s life-changing,” Manning continued. “Every day you learn something new. I was very nervous, but ultimately I’m very happy and I’m overwhelmed by all the love I have for my little girl.”

Being born on Super Bowl Sunday and into a family with a strong football legacy, baby Charles might be destined to play football himself one day. Archie Manning, the patriarch of the family and Charles’ grandfather, played for the New Orleans Saints in the 1970s and early 1980s, while Eli’s brother, Peyton Manning, played for the Indiana Colts and Denver Broncos up until 2015.

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Manning revealed that his father taught him a lot — and not just about football.

“Growing up, one of the things that he talked about was not doing anything halfway,” he said to AskMen. “That meant that whatever you decide to do or whatever you commit to doing, go do it. There’s no giving up if it’s tough. Just grind through it. Be totally focused on it, be committed to whatever you’re doing.”

Now that he’s a dad of four himself, the younger Manning will no doubt impart valuable lessons to his own kids as well.