Looking For Elmer’s Glue? Here’s Why You May Have Trouble Finding It In Stores

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Elmer’s Glue—the classic craft and school supply—has suddenly become one of retail’s hottest items.

And the reason is pretty slimy.

Remember the slime (also known as glop) you used to play with as a kid? It’s back, and today’s kids are just as crazy for it as we were when we were young. Only this time, there’s a DIY twist thanks to videos like this on YouTube.

Unsuspecting shoppers looking to have a fun craft day with the kids are finding shelves looking like this.

Elmers Glue 1
Chrissie Blatt

Parents around the country are finding stores sold out of glue, thanks to the resurgence of the slime craze. But that won’t stop some moms from finding the coveted glue bottles.

Chrissie Blatt, a mom of two children (ages 11 and 9), wasn’t going to let an empty shelf stand between them and a gloopy good time.

“On Friday afternoon, my children were begging me to purchase the ingredients to make slime. Apparently, they had been watching YouTube videos and thought it was amazing!” she said.

No glue anywhere

Chrissie got in the car for what she thought would be a “simple trip to Kroger” to get the required slime ingredients: clear glue, borax, shaving cream, food coloring and glitter. She was shocked at what she found.

“Five stores later I had struck out on glue and food coloring,” she said. “Turns out clear glue is in high demand due to the slime craze!”

The resourceful mom decided to order 12 bottles of clear glue on Amazon to stock up.

But that meant the kids would have to wait a few days for their slime-making fun. Chrissie was determined to find a quick fix.

“Sunday afternoon, in a last ditch attempt to make my children happy, I popped in to my local Walgreens and spotted two lonely bottles of clear glue!” Chrissie said. “The sales person said she had just put them out. Mom for the win!”

Chrissie’s kids were thrilled, of course.

“Sunday afternoon was spent making slime,” said Chrissie. “After all of this I’m going to be quite the expert.”

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And check out this video of how to make this mesmerizing galaxy slime: