This Hilariously Honest Family Christmas Card Nails What It’s Like To Be THAT Sibling

Sending out Christmas cards has always been a big part of the holiday season. In these cards, we generally try to put our best foot forward.

After all, they’re the ideal opportunity to “humble brag” about newborn babies, upcoming weddings, fancy house renovations and big job promotions.

We find the perfect coordinating (but not too matchy-matchy) outfits for our whole family, we wrangle the dog into submission with treats and we bribe the kiddos to sit still with promises of gifts from Santa.

christmas photo
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Then we send out a picture-perfect snapshot of our lives to all of our nearest and dearest.

It’s enough to make you want to fast-forward through the holiday season!

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But, thankfully, there are some families out there who keep it real and send out Christmas cards that reflect their wacky, wonderful selves. A little dose of reality and self-deprecating humor is a refreshing change of pace in a sea of holiday cards that all start to look the same.

That’s why people all over the Internet are loving Emily, the star of this hilariously honest family Christmas card.

LOL! How perfect is this card?

In the left-hand corner we have the excited grandparents and their pup, then we have the happy couple planning a wedding, and next up are the proud mom and dad with another bundle of joy on the way.

And then at the end of the line, we have… Emily. Yes, just Emily. Doesn’t that just say it all?

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She’s not getting married or having kids—but we’d say she’s living her best life and winning Christmas!

No wonder Emily is quickly becoming the darling of the holiday season. “Emily” has become a pop culture buzzword for people who want an easy way to say, “Yes, I am THAT sibling.”

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Now, single folks who are sick and tired of being bugged about their relationship status or being asked when they’re going to settle down and have a family can simply reply: “I’m Emily.” Succinct, sassy and completely to the point.

We love it!

Emily says she was inspired by “egg salad man,” who wrote “egg salad” on a poster for his family’s Christmas card a few years ago.

These types of cards are so popular not only because they’re so funny, but because they speak to many young people who are tired of being nagged over holiday dinners about their single status or their child-free lifestyle.

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As these funny folks prove, the season should be about celebrating all members of our families.

And, of course, not taking things too seriously!

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