Endearing Relationship Advice From America’s Longest-Married Couple

In 2013, John and Ann Betar were named America’s longest-married couple. Three years later, they’re still as happy as can be and have now been married for a whopping 83 years. That means the couple, who are 104 and 101 years old, were wed in 1932 when they were 21 and 17.

That being said, they seem like pretty credible people to go to for relationship advice. In honor of Valentine’s Day, cleaning company Handy organized a Twitter Q and A for the couple to answer people’s questions about relationships, falling in love, marriage and everything in between.

Valentine’s Day has now passed and Handy reports that the couple received over 100 questions.

Even though the holiday is over, we thought this advice could still apply for any relationship, 365 days a year. Here are some of our favorite tidbits of advice the couple gave.

Knowing When You’re With “The One”

The “Secret” To Making Love Last

How To Rebound From An Argument

About Their “Song”

About Raising Children

(They have 5 children, 14 grand children, and 16 great grand children!)

How To Keep Things Fresh

And Lastly, About Food

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