Engagement ring lost 13 years ago in the garden is finally found—around a carrot

Imagine that you lost your precious engagement ring 13 years ago. Now imagine it’s suddenly turned up again—smack dab in the middle of a carrot! That’s exactly what happened to Mary Grams, of Edmonton, Canada.

While gardening on the family farm back in 2004, Grams was pulling out a weed when her engagement ring fell off her finger. She looked for days for the ring, with help from her son Brian, but the search was fruitless. Eventually, Grams bought a cheap replacement ring as a placeholder, deciding not to tell her husband, Norman, about the loss.

The lost ring was actually already a replacement that the couple had bought together in 1995 after her original ring had cracked. Norman passed away in 2012 after 60 years of marriage—never having noticed that the ring on his wife’s finger wasn’t the one they’d picked out together.

Then, just the other day, Grams got a call from her daughter-in-law, Brian’s wife, Colleen Daley. “She said ‘Did you lose an engagement ring?’ and then she started laughing. “You know it grew into a carrot?” Grams told CTV News Edmonton.

That’s right—Grams’ lost ring was found literally wrapped around the middle of a carrot.

“It was covered in mud so I washed the mud off, that’s when I saw there was a ring, or something on it,” Daley said, of finding the ring.

Grams and her family got a big kick out of seeing her lost ring turn up again in such a funny place. Grams, who is now 84, says she thinks her late husband would be amused by the tale, too.

Everyone in the family is still in awe that the ring’s finally been found, including Brian Grams, who calls the whole situation “unbelievable.”

Grams’ engagement ring is back on her finger, where it belongs. After all this time, it still fits perfectly.

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