This Dad Played The Most Epic April Fool’s Joke On His Wife

This is the story of what was arguably the greatest April Fool’s joke in the history of mankind. This is the story of Bobby Wesson, a 40-year-old writer from Birmingham, Alabama, his wife Rayena, 34, and their 3-year-old son, Deacon. This is the story of how Bobby pranked Rayena so hard he might never see the light of day again.

Let’s start at the beginning. Every year, the Wessons take an annual family photo. Every year, Rayena gets extremely stressed out about it. And this year, Bobby thought he’d add a little extra fun to the equation, by way of a truly awful (and amusing) April Fool’s prank.

Rayena is a trauma nurse, which means she often doesn’t get to check her phone during working hours. But on this specific night, her work was going slowly, and Bobby knew it was the perfect time to play the prank he’d been hatching for over a month.

He sent Rayena a photo that he’d doctored to make it look like Deacon had shaved off some of his hair. Predictably, his wife was deeply unhappy:




After sending her a cryptic photo of what appeared to be their son’s hair on the floor, Rayena tried to get ahold of him to figure out what was going on but Bobby wouldn’t pick up.

But wait, it gets worse.

Bobby (jokingly) blames Rayena, since he said he was simply trying to clean up for the pictures she planned.


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Are you laughing yet?




Let’s pause here to explain that Rayena loves her husband’s long, flowing hair.

So naturally this next exchange—where Bobby decides to shave his head to match their son’s haircut—infuriated her even further.



If you’re not laughing by now, there’s no hope for you. Rayena wrote that it looked like Deacon’s hair was cut with a weed eater, and she’s not wrong!


Poor Rayena.

When she says she’s heading home, Bobby finally reveals the prank.


Finally the truth comes out, but Rayena is no less shaken by this massive April fool’s prank.


All in all, this April fool’s joke is nothing new for the Wessons, who love to play pranks on one another.

“We play jokes on each other all the time. I ended up with her name tattooed on my butt thanks to a bet lost last year,” Bobby told in an interview.

After he posted the entire conversation on social media, people had plenty to say… including his mother, who chided her son for pulling the prank while his hard-working wife was caring for patients.

“You better start making up big time,” she wrote.

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So, how would you have reacted if you thought your S.O. turned your kid into “a potato”?