European Union is preparing to block travelers from the US and Russia

The European Union is preparing to block U.S. residents from traveling to countries within the EU due to its coronavirus risk.

As the EU begins welcoming travelers from over a dozen countries, people from the U.S., Russia and other nations with high infection rates are set to be blocked. While the final list still needs to be approved, The New York Times reported diplomats say it’s unlikely to change.

Reports surfaced June 23 that the U.S. — which has experienced the most reported infections and deaths — would likely be left off the EU admittance list.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo played down this omittance June 25, attributing it to the “challenge” of how to safely return travel back to normal.

Pompeo said: “We’re working with our European counterparts to get that right … we denied travel to Europe and vice versa.”

For the countries which made the EU’s approved list, prior travel restrictions will be removed on July 1.

By: Bailey Vogt, Newsy.