Even The Biggest ‘Hocus Pocus’ Fan Might Not Have Caught This

“Hocus Pocus” season is upon us!

If you consider yourself a fan of the Halloween classic, it’s probably safe to say that you have already indulged in watching the film at least two… or 10 times this season. If you are an avid “Hocus Pocus” watcher, you might have noticed something off about the film, but if you haven’t, it is definitely something to keep an eye out for!

You know that memorably awkward and embarrassing scene when Max passes a note to Allison with his phone number on it, only for it to be returned to him? If you watched the film on TV, you may have noticed something fishy about the number. The last four digits of the number have simply disappeared… We know what you’re thinking, “Did the Sanderson sisters have something to do with this?!”


Sadly, no. Apparently the fake number used in the original movie as Max’s number is now someone’s real number. We’re guessing the TV version of the film has wiped out the last four digits so that young girls aren’t trying to give Max a call this season only to end up calling Helen Smith in Cleveland, Ohio.

You also may have noticed that 555 numbers are often used in TV shows and movies, symbolizing a fake number. This 555 trick holds true dating back to the ’70s. According to E!, this is not necessarily the case anymore, “Increasingly, 555 numbers are being assigned to real people and places, but others are still being used by the Biz.”

This explains the disappearance of the last four digits of Max’s number.

We’re not sure who would answer if you called the full number, but we can guarantee it won’t be Max (sorry, girls). If you want to learn more fun facts about “Hocus Pocus” before the next time you watch it, check out this article.

[h/t: REFINERY29]