Have You Ever Wanted To Snuggle With Baby Goats? Now You Can

This is quite possibly the best volunteer position, ever! Carmont Farm, a farm outside Charlottesville, Virginia, is looking for volunteers to cuddle with and care for their 90 new kids (baby goats).

Expected to be born in February this year, helpers are needed to feed the babies four times a day, snuggle with them to keep them happy and comfortable, and dress them in cute little sweaters to aid in warmth.

But what about the mama goats? Can’t they care for their young?

The mothers’ milk is collected and used to make cheese, which is why the babies need some love from human helpers. “We love to have people come and see that whole process — see where their food comes from,” employee Isabella Zechini tells NBC 29.

Can’t wait to get your snuggle on? Here’s the online sign-up sheet. While it’s reported that February’s volunteer shifts are filled, keep an eye on their Facebook page for future openings.

If you love the opportunity of working with animals so much, you can also apply for a paid internship at the farm. The Assistant Goat Herds(wo)man would help in the farm management of about 120 goats. Check out the details here.

[h/t: mental_floss]