Have Any & Every Color At Your Fingertips With This Amazing Color-Scanning Pen

Your drawings are about to get a whole lot more realistic. What if I told you that instead of trying to replicate the color of the apple in your still life set up, you could actually scan the color and draw with the exact same hue?

Because it could very well be possible. Think of this genius tool as the eye dropper tool in Photoshop, but in real life, instead.

Using a sensor at the end of the pen, you can simply scan the color you want to use, and have access to it through the smart ink cartridge in the pen. This miraculous tool is dubbed the Scribble Pen and started out as a Kickstarter project.

If you’re thinking something like this sounds a little too goo to be true, you aren’t alone in that sentiment. Many people had concerns about what their money was going towards on the fund-raising platform, but now, there are a actual physical working products, so that folks can actually give this pen a try first-hand (quite literally).

There’s even an app that allows you to sync the colors you scan to an iPad or other device, so that you always have access to the colors. You can build your very own palette to choose from, all with colors that came from your everyday life.

Check out this video to learn a little bit more about how it works. It explains it far better than I ever could because quite honestly, my mind is a little blown. This is just such an incredible invention, you know?

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/y2aJuuIsots”]

As the video demonstrates, this pen can come in handy in a variety of ways, largely due to the aspects of its digital component. This pen isn’t just a pen. It’s a tool that helps you match the colors in your home, in your wardrobe and so much more.

Who knew a pen could be such a magnificent tool? You’re never going to let anyone borrow your pen again once you start using this one— that’s for sure. Although, I was already pretty stingy with my pen loaning, so definitely don’t count on any sharing from me!

If you’re interested in trying the Scribble Pen or the Scribble Pen Stylus out for yourself, they’re available for pre-order here. The Scribble Pen is priced at $300 and the Scribble Pen Stylus is going for $119, so they aren’t the cheapest pens you’ll ever buy— but they sure are the coolest.

[h/t: Mashable]