Every Month, This Company Chooses An Employee To Take A Spontaneous Two-Week Vacation

What if your monthly work meetings went down like this: After seeing to business, a random name was pulled out of a hat and that lucky person got to take a two-week vacation. Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, if you worked for The Motley Fool, this is what a typical month would be like for you.

If you’re sitting there thinking, “Vacation time? What’s that?” Then, your company could definitely stand to implement this policy.

The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial services firm based in Alexandria, Virginia. Travel + Leisure reports that the number of times an employee’s name is entered into the hat is based on how many years he/she has been with the company.

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If you’re so lucky to be selected for the vacay, here are the rules. You must take a two-week vacation before the next monthly meeting. You’re not allowed to have contact with anyone from the office while you’re away. Oh and even better, The Motley Fool will give you $1,500 to put towards your trip.

A photo by Xochi Romero. unsplash.com/photos/QMhgKXxupIU

While you’re away, everyone else can use it as a test to see if things are running smoothly. If things fall apart while you’re gone, they’ve learned an important lesson. They need to do a better job of handing out tasks so that everyone has a fair work load.

Bottom line? Getting to go on this trip, then coming back to a more smoothly operating office really makes this whole two-week vacation thing a win-win for you.

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[h/t: Real Simple]