9 Everyday Products You May Be Using ALL WRONG

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As you know, we love giving you life hacks to live more efficient, simpler lives, from products that will make your life easier to double-duty uses for everyday household items. But did you know there are some household products you may be using incorrectly?

Here are nine everyday products you may be using wrong. Who knew, right?! Well, now you do and can correct accordingly.

1. Store Your Peanut Butter Upside Down

Our friends over at PureWow advise storing your peanut butter upside down. That way, it’ll prevent separation and you won’t have to mix it every time you open the jar. Interesting, huh? Bonus perk? Check out the idea in this Instagram post for when your jar of peanut butter is almost empty!


2. Tap The “57” Of A Heinz® Ketchup Bottle To Make It Come Out Faster

If you’re frustrated that ketchup won’t come out of the bottle fast enough, you won’t have to worry about it anymore with this ketchup hack. The solution? On their website, Heinz® Ketchup recommends firmly tapping the “57” on their glass bottles. Now you know!


3. Make A Spoon From A Snack Lid

Isn’t it the worst when you bring a snack-sized container of applesauce or yogurt somewhere, only to realize you forgot to bring a spoon? Well, you can make one with the lid! Watch this short video from YouTuber Wasting Time and prepare to be amazed!


4. How To Eat A Tic Tac—With The Built-In Shelf

You know that little shelf-type flap that appears when you open a container of Tic Tacs? Well, that’s how you’re really supposed to serve them—if you eat just one at a time, that is. Foodbeast demonstrates for us in this YouTube video.

5. Use Chinese Take-Out Boxes As Plates

Yep, part of the interesting history behind the Chinese take-out container is that they’re meant to come apart and be used as a plate. Impressive, right?! We’ll never look at them the same way again! You can check out a demo here.

6. Remove The Green Part Of A Strawberry—With A Straw

There’s a very easy way to remove the green part of a strawberry—all you need is a drinking straw. Put the straw through the bottom of the strawberry and push up, removing the green top in the process. Fascinating!

7. Peel Bananas—From The Bottom Up

Can you believe most of us have been peeling our bananas all wrong? Just watch this YouTube video for proof and we bet you’ll start peeling bananas from the bottom up from now on! Hint: You just pinch the bottom, then peel. So easy! And we all know bananas have amazing health benefits, so eat up!

8. Use A Hand Dryer On Your Face

In case you missed it, many public restroom hand dryers have an adjustable nozzle, so you can control the direction of the air flow. If you feel like washing or rinsing off your face and there are no paper towels, problem solved! I saw a woman doing this once and she said it worked wonders. (Note: These also come in handy for adding a little volume and bounce back into your hair if it’s fallen flat. Just flip your hair over and let the dryer works its magic for a few seconds.)


9. Use This Plunger For Toilets, Not The One You May Think

According to Heritage, a plumbing, cooling, heating and electric company, you should only be using a flange plunger to unclog your toilet, not a cup plunger. Here are visuals for you.

This is the flange plunger, the one to use.

flange plunger
Get Bats Out/Amazon

This is a cup plunger, which is not great for toilets but ideal for sinks. We had no idea!

Mintcraft plunger

There you have it, everyday objects you may be using wrong—until now. I know we’ll enjoy doing the above differently from now on, and hopefully you will, too.