Everything bagel-seasoned cashews are a great low-carb alternative to a bagel

Since fans first became obsessed with Trader Joe’s’ Everything but the Bagel sesame seasoning blend, the seasoning has popped up on all sorts of foods, from Dunkin’s avocado toast to everything bagel-flavored ice cream.

Now, this seasoning trend is hitting Sam’s Club, where you can find Member’s Mark everything seasoned cashews, which sound like the ultimate summer snack. The savory blend combines classic everything bagel seasoning ingredients — garlic, onion, poppy seeds, sea salt and sesame seeds — with a coating of sweet maple syrup, all covering whole cashews.

You can eat them separately, toss them on a salad or use them in a recipe that calls for cashews — if onion and garlic flavors would mix well, of course. You can get a 22-ounce container at the club or online (though they are currently sold out online) for $9.98.

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The cashews are not the only food covered with everything-bagel seasoning that you can buy at the grocery store. Aside from buying everything bagels from brands like Thomas’ and Dave’s Killer Bread, you can also buy everything bagel shrimp from SeaPak.

The new SeaPak’s everything bagel butterfly shrimp features the spice blend on crispy butterfly shrimp breading, plus it comes with cream cheese and chive sauce for dipping.

You can find everything bagel butterfly shrimp in the freezer aisle of grocery stores nationwide. It comes in a package of a dozen shrimp and is ready in minutes using a conventional oven, toaster oven or air fryer. For the sauce, you simply thaw it in a bowl of warm water.


Everything Bagel-Flavored ice cream is no longer available, but the cream cheese-flavored ice cream from Jeni’s would have been the perfect dessert to have on hand after your dinner of everything bagel shrimp, perhaps with a side salad topped with everything cashews — if you wanted to go all in and have everything bagel seasoning on everything in one meal.


Do you love everything bagel seasoning?

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