‘Ew, David’ face masks are for sale on Etsy

Wearing a mask is one of the most effective ways to curb the spread of COVID-19, and for a lot of people, masks have become a way to make fashion statement as well. Now, fans of the fashionable characters on “Schitt’s Creek” have a lot of fun options to choose from on Etsy, including masks that invoke Alexis Rose’s best-loved line from the show: “Ew, David!”

Some of “Schitt’s Creek”-inspired mask designs take a pandemic-era twist on the phrase and instead say, “Ew, COVID.”

Really, it’s easy to imagine Annie Murphy’s brilliant Alexis uttering “Ew, COVID!” if the show had just gone on for a few more seasons.

Ew, Covid Schitt's Creek face mask

Quite a few Etsy sellers make “Ew, David” and similar masks.

For example, Strange Bird Gifts has this “Ew, David” mask for just $4.

Ew, David face mask

Other Etsy sellers are offering similar designs, with Etsy shop SimplyCraftyCustoms offering an “Ew, David” design complete with a picture of David Rose, played by Dan Levy. It’s currently on sale for $3.50.


Or rep your “Schitt’s Creek” pride with this multi-use neck gaiter, which can be used as a face mask, bandana, neck warmer or even a headband. The soft mauve cotton is printed with a “Rose Apothecary” graphic, so you can look as chic as a Rose even if you feel like Roland Schitt on the inside.

Etsy, Understated Duo

UnderstatedDuo has the Rose Apothecary gaiter. The neck gaiters run at $28.99 and also come in other colors like white, blue and black with gold letters.

This hysterical option from Etsy seller MamaSewNerdy features a crow design, which is a sly nod to Moira Rose’s role in “The Crows Have Eyes 3: The Crowening,” which is one of the funniest parts of Season 5.  Unfortunately, this one is sold out right now.

Etsy, @MamaSewNerdy

Which “Schitt’s Creek” design is your fave?