This Exercise Chart Shows You How To Get Fit Without Any Equipment

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Without a pricey gym membership, getting in shape can feel impossible, particularly without easy access to treadmills, weight machines and other equipment. But even if you don’t have time to hit the gym, or you can’t afford a monthly membership, you can still get fit.

There are plenty of bodyweight exercises you can do without any equipment or fancy facilities, strength training exercises that allow you to use your own weight as resistance against gravity in order to improve strength, endurance, balance and more. No, we’re not just talking endless push-ups and sit-ups, If the thought of that makes you cringe, don’t worry. You can do a lot more than that.

Don’t believe us? Well, thanks to the “Periodic Table of Bodyweight Exercises” created by exercise-based games purveyor Strength Stack 52, you can find a multitude of body weight exercises, some suitable for beginners, while others are challenging enough for fitness enthusiasts.

Strength Stack 52

The chart includes core exercises, as well as cardio, and covers all different body parts, with workout levels ranging from “Easy” to “Insane.” The exercises are arranged horizontally by primary muscle group worked, and vertically by difficulty, but many of these exercises work multiple body parts.

The best part? If you head over to the original chart on the Strength Stack 52 website, you can click on each exercise on the chart and be redirected to a YouTube video that demonstrates how to do the move. For example, here’s the video that goes along with one of the easier moves, the Mountain Climber:

Here’s one of the medium-level moves, the Plank:

One of the moves that’s classified as hard is the Plank Crawl:

And which exercise moves qualify as “insane”? This Tricep Extension Push-Up is just one of them:

You can also get a full list of these workouts in game form with the Strength Stack 52 Bodyweight Workout Playing Card Game, which includes 114 bodyweight exercise cards.

Who knew there were so many ways to build strength and lose fat using just your own body? With all these different workouts to mix and match, there’s no reason you can’t get your sweat on, even from the comfort of your own home.