Expandable privacy fence looks like a wall of ivy


We’re all maximizing the space we have at home these days, and relaxing or working outside is a lot more pleasant when you can enjoy a private green space.

That’s why the expandable faux ivy privacy fences we’ve been seeing popping up in our targeted ads actually seem like an awesome idea.

There are a number of companies that make them and you can purchase sets online at sites like Home Depot and Walmart. They are available in different sizes and dimensions to fit your space, so price points vary.

You can get a 19.7 inch x 39.4 inch section from Lallcas through Walmart for under $20 and you can buy smaller square panels like the ones from Petgrow to provide more flexibility.

However, for a full-size rectangular panel that can act as a section of wall, you should generally expect prices starting around $40. For example, you can pay $49.99 for a fully expanded 22-inch by 120-inch segment from Garden Land on Amazon.

Most can be attached to existing structures (such as fences and railings) with zip ties, twine or wires. They can also be hooked on fence hangers or nails.

Take a look at one of the sets in action, as displayed on an Amazon listing.


These types of screens seem ideal for renters who can’t make permanent changes to their outdoor space or townhome and condo dwellers who can’t grow huge plants in the middle of their complexes.

Amazon reviewers do suggest buying more segments if you want a fuller look, since the more you expand the trellises, the sparser the look of the leaves.

Some posters said side benefits of the product include that their dogs bark less at passersby and that they can hide air conditioning units and other backyard areas they didn’t want to see.

YouTuber Frank of All Trades shared a video of putting up these types of privacy fences in fall 2018 and posted in the comments that the segments have held up well through two Canadian winters.

“I find they even look better now the shiny plastic look has faded away,” the video’s narrator says about the privacy hedge product from Naturae Decor.

As pretty as real ivy and other climbing plants are, they can damage some types of homes. They might also act as the perfect bridge for ants and other pests to enter your house.

Personally, I have a black thumb and like the idea of a plant that looks real but that doesn’t require any maintenance.

Would you buy these faux plant fences for your outdoor space?

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