The Expert Trick To Defrosting Your Car Windshield FAST

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Winter is upon us. This means that, for those of us who live in colder climates, we’ll soon be dealing with snowy, icy conditions.

One weatherman is doing his part to keep drivers safe during the winter months.

Ken Weathers, an aptly named weatherman from a news station in Eastern Tennessee, has a trick for defrosting icy car windshields. Not only will this trick save drivers time, but it ensures that people aren’t getting on the road with incomplete vision. (When you are already late and your windshield is only half-defrosted, sometimes you make the risky decision to simply get behind the wheel anyway.)

Check out the video here:

As Weathers outlines, people tend to defrost their windshield one of two ways: They either let the car’s defrost run (which wastes gas and takes time), or they scrape the ice off manually (which is also time-consuming, not to mention unpleasant… especially if you forgot your mittens inside the warm house!).

Thankfully, there is a better way. Simply spray your car windshield with this simple solution: Rubbing alcohol mixed with water. Mix two-thirds rubbing alcohol with one-third water in a spray bottle. Do NOT use hot water, as it can cause your glass to break. Spray the mixture on your windows and watch the ice melt away.

And here is the best part, since alcohol doesn’t freeze, you can keep the spray bottle in your car at all times. This means you can quickly defrost your car’s windshield wherever you are, whether you are in the mall’s parking lot post-holiday shopping or in the middle of a long road trip home to see your folks.

And here’s another bonus: The trick will save you valuable coffee time in the morning, meaning you can be sure to have time for a Starbucks run (or Dunkin Donuts, if that’s more your speed).

What an ingenious solution! It’s safe, effective and fast: And, best of all, it’s cost-effective! Most of us already have rubbing alcohol at home, and a spray bottle is generally less than $5. Make a few and hand them out to family and friends.

Here’s to safe driving… and staying warm.