These ‘extreme Cut-Out Jeans’ Are The Latest Weird Denim Trend

Seems like these jeans are — dare we say — missing something?

If you thought you’d seen it all as far as weird denim trends were concerned, think again! Bizarre style statements didn’t stop after the clear knee mom jeans (although some would argue these fads should have quit while they were ahead). “Extreme cut-out” jeans are the latest in denim you’ll probably never actually wear, and they’re, umm … unique, to say the least.

The brand Carmar Denim is responsible for the latest in jeans news because it has designed a pair of pants that don’t actually seem to cover much of anything. The cut-outs are, indeed, extreme.

In fact, these “cut-outs” leave the entire front and back of the legs exposed. So, make sure whatever else you wear covers anything you wouldn’t want seen in public. This model posed wearing a body suit:

Carmar Denim

What’s even crazier than the lack of coverage these jeans offer is the hefty price tag. They are priced at $168, a pair and guess what else? They were completely sold out at the time of publication!

Yes, seriously.

Carmar Denim

But not to worry! There is a waiting list you can sign up for if you were interested in (carefully!) stepping into a pair of bottoms like these.

If you see these “pants” popping up all over your Instagram feed, don’t be surprised — although it is OK to feel slightly alarmed.

Carmar Denim

Perhaps now we’ve seen it all. Although, we’ve been fooled into thinking that before, too.

Oh, denim fashion designers — what will you give us to talk about next?