Extremely Rare White Moose Caught On Camera In Alaska

If you live in a fairly populated area, chances are you won’t see any rare animals anytime soon. However, if you head to the wilds of Alaska, to quote Forrest Gump, “you never know what you’re gonna get.” And so it is here with this rare white moose, spotted grazing for lunch. Notice that even the antlers are white. This is due to something called “velvet” on his antlers. That’s a type of skin that eventually sheds.

There are some 175,000 wild moose roaming the Alaskan tundra, according to Daily Mail. But, very few of them are white. The gorgeous creatures are known to roam Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Newfoundland, Alaska and Idaho, Daily Mail reports.

But it’s the rare (and very lucky) human that gets to lay eyes on one. Fortunately for us, one fast-acting observer caught a white moose on camera—and the footage is stunning.

That video was posted to the I Love Alaska Facebook page and has racked up some 2.9 million views (and counting.)