How To Turn Your Face Into A Museum Portrait Like You See Everyone Doing On Your Newsfeed

Did your friend from high school just upload a photo of herself onto Facebook next to a museum portrait?

Of course she did. That’s what everyone was doing this weekend. There’s a new trend going around where folks are uploading are uploading museum portrait “lookalike” pictures on Facebook. Even celebrities like Busy Phillips and Kumail Nanjiani are getting in on the action!

Here’s how it works: Google uses a selfie of your face and searches thousands of portraits from art museums all across the world in order to find one that most resembles your beautiful punim.

Want to find out if your doppelganger is hanging on a museum wall somewhere?

First, you download the Google Arts & Culture app on your phone. (No sweat: It’s free). Then you scroll down and click the “Get Started” button.

And now here’s the hard part. You have to take a on-the-spot selfie. That’s right. You can’t go upload your favorite recent photo where your makeup was on point. You have to turn that front camera around and face the music. Okay? Are you ready?

Now, you simply snap a photo. Within a mere moment, Google will come back to you with the art potrait you most resemble. The result may be inspiring or breathtaking.

Or, if you’re like me, the result may be hilarious.

Here’s what happened when I uploaded my selfie to the app. (And yes, I woke up like this, and no, my hair hasn’t been brushed, but I wanted to keep it real. Also… lazy.)

And here who is Google said I looked like:

Bridget Sharkey

EXCUSE ME while I pick up the SHREDS of my ego from the floor. Thanks a lot, Google! Apparently, my museum doppelganger is a chubby man with a glorious mustache.

I mean, I can’t even really get mad, cuz I do see a bit of a resemblance.

But being the vain creature that I am, within mere seconds of being told I look like a portly gentleman from the Victorian era, I was in the bathroom putting my face on. I even ran a brush through my hair.

Google repaid my hard work with this beauty of a comparison:

Bridget Sharkey

Liz Taylor? I wish! It’s almost so far-off that it has me missing my mustached twin.

Still, I will say this for the app: It will certainly keep you busy for a while. Oh, and you can do other stuff with the app as well, like explore different artworks from across the globe and learn all about art history and junk like that.

But let’s be real, we are just here for the doppelgangers. I only pray our egos can survive it!

[H/t: Elite Daily]