The Facebook App Is Killing Your Phone’s Battery – Try This Trick To Save 15-20% More Battery

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you’re likely to have the app on your phone. However, if you find that you’ve been scrolling through the site all day, only to find your battery has drastically plummeted, you may want to consider an alternative. As convenient as the Facebook app may be, it can quickly suck the life out of your phone, and it can even drain your battery when you aren’t using it.

Just because you want to save your battery life doesn’t mean you have to ditch the constant status updates or mobile uploads instead. The Facebook mobile site is nearly identical to the app, but it uses 15 percent less battery, making it the better choice for your cyber stalking. Plus, using the mobile site instead of the app can help you free up space on your iPhone for other apps, photos, or text messages. The same tactics work if you own an Android, and deleting the app even help save your battery by 20 percent on these devices.

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To help save your battery life, uninstall the app on your phone by holding your finger on the app and clicking the x. To quickly access the Facebook mobile site, create a bookmark for it by logging into your account at Click the “Share” button in Safari’s bottom bar, and choose “Add to Home Screen.” Give it a name, and now you have a shortcut to Facebook that will have your phone lasting for longer periods of time.

This option does eliminate Facebook push notifications, but if you still want to get alerted when someone comments or messages you, you can opt to get email notifications instead. Downloading the Facebook messenger app will allow you to receive and respond to messages on your phone as well.

If you’re looking to save a significant amount of battery while still engaging in social media, this seems to be your best bet for now, although The Guardian reported that a Facebook spokesperson said the company was investigating the matter. Perhaps in the future they can make the official application use less battery, but for now, it’s up to you to make the changes to save your battery life.

Photo by benstein