Facebook Now Lets You Add 7-Second Video As Your Profile Pic

In an attempt to keep the seasoned social platform hip and trendy, Facebook has released 5 cool new features – one of them being the ability to swap your static profile picture for an animated, 7-second, looping video.

So how can you upload a video into your profile pic? Facebook hasn’t made this available worldwide just yet – just a small group in California and the U.K are able to test out the new widget. I checked my account this morning and it’s not yet available – boo hoo.

In total, Facebook is releasing five new changes. They are as follows:

1. Profile Picture Animation

This is what I spoke about above. The reasoning behind it? Facebook wants to let your personality shine through, and that can’t always be accomplished through a flat image.

2. Temporary Profile Photos

Want to commemorate a previous birthday, Mothers Day, vacation or other special event in your life? Now you can set a time limit for your profile picture, and it’ll revert back when you tell it to.

3. Enhanced Visibility Controls

There will be a new customizable space at the top of your profile. Another outlet to let your personality and preferences shine through, this is pretty neat. Things you can curate and make either visible or private: a “bio” field, where you work, education, etc. as well as choose up to five featured photos to showcase at the top of your profile page.

4. Ability to “Pin” Photos

As mentioned in #3, users will now be able to pin up to 5 photos at the top of their profile page as featured photos.

5. Mobile Design Improvements

In short, the mobile view of Facebook will be more visually appealing, easier to navigate, and encourage you to browse longer. I see what you’re doing here, Facebook.