Red ‘X’ On Facebook To Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking And Modern Slavery

END IT Movement

If you woke up this morning wondering about the red X you’re seeing around social media, that means the campaign is working.

Today is the END IT Movement‘s “Shine A Light On Slavery” Day. The day, which has taken place for five years now, raises awareness about human trafficking and “modern-day slavery.” In honor of this cause, elected officials, celebrities and others are changing their profile photos to a red X.

The END IT activists are asking everyone to help “shine a light” in whatever way they can. The organization’s website has more information about the campaign, research on human trafficking and lots of resources. They even have red X images that you can upload to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media accounts.

END IT also encourages people to show visible support by using red lipstick (or face paint, or anything) to mark a red “X” on your hand. Then take a selfie showing it off, and share it on social media. Don’t forget to use the official campaign hashtags, which include #EndSlaveryAct and #EndItMovement.

In addition to the online activism to raise awareness, there’s also an anti-trafficking policy movement. Ashton Kutcher‘s passionate testimony in front of Congress last week was part of a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing related to the End Modern Slavery Initiative Act. The Act was introduced in 2015 by Senator Bob Corker, a Republican from Tennessee, and became a law in December. This legislation addresses issues of slavery and human trafficking around the world.

Even if you’re not a congressperson or don’t want to change your photo, you can still support the campaign. You can also sign up to be a digital defender against child exploitation, sign the International Justice Mission’s End Modern Slavery petition or volunteer with local anti-trafficking groups.

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