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Fake ‘Cake Pops’ Are The Best April Fools’ Prank To Pull On Your Family

The looks on their faces when they bite into these funny treats will be priceless!

April Fools’ pranks are a fun way to get your family laughing and bonding, but not every prank is kid-appropriate. Here is one that is perfect for people of all ages, whether you want to prank your kindergartner, your spouse or your friends.

The prank idea comes to us from Food Network. Check it out:

As you can see, your family and friends will think that you have prepared a delicious platter of cake pops for them to enjoy.

cake pops
Food Network

But, when they bite into these candy-colored balls, they will find they aren’t sweet…but savory! Instead of cake pops, they will be biting into a meatball. Their faces will be priceless (be sure to surreptitiously record their hilarious reactions!).

Food Network

The best part about this prank is that it is so versatile. Let’s say that you are a vegetarian or that you don’t have time to make a pan of meatballs.

You can swap out something else in place of the meat, such as using black beans mashed and rolled into a ball (or a premade black bean burger) or a cooked veggie like a sweet potato or a carrot. Anything malleable that you can roll into a convincing-looking cake ball. Just make sure that is edible, of course!

Remember, the trick is that your family will have their tastebuds prepared for something sweet, only to sidelined by something savory.

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Pranks are always a fun way to bring a little smile and spontaneity into your day, but they shouldn’t be mean-spirited or unkind. Here’s a good rule of thumb: If the prank-ee isn’t laughing by the end of your joke, it wasn’t a nice prank!

And, with this sweet-and-savory surprise, your “victims” will certainly be laughing, or at the very least…enjoying an awesome meatball!

Food Network

[h/t: Food Network]